How Telrad will change the world of indoor telephony

Telrad, a smartphone-based, indoor wireless telephony solution, has been developed by a team of engineers from the University of Helsinki, a Finnish university.

The Finnish team have been working on the project for more than a year.

They were also instrumental in developing a smart phone application that allows you to use your phone while walking, cycling or running.

The Nokia 6 has a 4-inch touchscreen and supports voice and video calls.

Telrad has been designed with the idea of making a phone that works well in both indoors and out, while still being easy to use and discreet.

It has two different models, the Nokia 6.5 and the Nokia 7, and you can download both for free.

The phone has a camera and a microphone that can record voice calls and video call.

When you are walking, running or cycling, you will get notifications when your phone is in your pocket or purse.

You can use the phone to call a person in a meeting, or send text messages.

There is also a built-in alarm that you can turn on by turning on the alarm light in the Nokia 5.

The app lets you set up your own schedule, including the times when your friends are going to be.

You get to control how many times you want to listen to your phone’s music while you walk, cycle or run.

When the app wakes you up, you can choose to take your phone back to the start screen, or put it in your wallet.

If you want the phone’s screen to turn off automatically when you leave the house, you have to use a PIN code to enter it.

You also get a timer that can be set to remind you to do things like check the weather, check your email or call your wife.

The software that runs on the phone lets you manage your privacy.

You will also be able to control when and where you are able to make calls and send texts.

The application uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the phone.

This will allow you to talk to your family, friends and work colleagues using your phone.

You need a Bluetooth headset to use Telrad.

It can be used as an outdoor speaker or an indoor phone.

There are different apps for indoor and outdoor use.

The mobile app can be found on the Nokia Store.

Nokia Telrad app features a 4.5-inch touch screen with a 720×1280 resolution.

There’s also a microphone for making voice calls.

You are able a number of voice commands.

You have a built in calendar.

You select the time and date.

You set your phone to wake you up when you enter the phone password.

You could also set up alarms.

When your phone detects that you have left your home, it will ask you if you want it to automatically wake you when you return home.

The remote is hidden behind the screen, so you can’t use it to turn the phone on or off.

There also is a battery saver feature that can save battery life by turning the phone off when it is not in use.

It will also save battery when the phone is turned off, even when you are away from the phone, in a different room or when it’s in your purse.

It also uses a Bluetooth connection to connect the phone with a smart home.

When connected, the phone connects to a network to store data and control the device.

This means you can access your information from anywhere in the world.

NokiaTelrad is a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone that is waterproof to up to 5 metres and Bluetooth 4.1.

It is Bluetooth compatible with all major Bluetooth devices.

Nokia has also made a wireless headset for the Nokia Telred.

You only need a phone, Bluetooth headset, speaker and the app.

Nokia is also selling an outdoor phone that is compatible with the NokiaTelrd.

The Telrad is available in a variety of colors and has a price tag of $149.

Nokia also sells a number a other accessories to help with the Telrad’s use.

You do not need a smartphone, but Nokia is making a set of glasses that allow you and your partner to use the Nokia telrad.

The glasses come with a wireless transmitter and can be connected to the Nokia Telepathy.

Nokia telepathy is a wireless device that works with a smartphone.

You use the headset to connect and receive calls.

The headset uses Bluetooth to make phone calls, texts, calls and emails.

Nokia Telepathia works with the phone using Bluetooth technology.

You put the headset on your face, and the headset sends signals to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

You turn on the headset and you will see a voice-activated display.

You control the headset by pressing the button on your phone, which is located on the top edge of the phone case.

You activate the headset with the same button that is on your handset.

The transmitter is located near the front of the headset.

It sends voice-controlled commands to the smartphone.

Nokia uses a unique technique to make the phone talk back to