How to build a solar powered outdoor waterpark

The indoor waterpark, in Dubai, is the latest project to see indoor water parks in operation.

The project is part of the city’s efforts to create a greener environment.

The waterpark is part project to promote tourism to the country and to create jobs for the locals.

The Waterpark is a joint venture between Dubai Water and Dubai Design, and it was constructed in 2018 with support from the Dubai Development Authority.

The company has a long-term partnership with the Dubai Water Authority, and the project is expected to create more than 100 jobs for locals.

As part of that agreement, the project has already attracted international attention.

In December, The Economist named the Dubai waterpark the best indoor water park in the world.

According to the Dubai Daily News, the Dubai project also has a goal of making it one of the most environmentally friendly.

In an interview with the Daily News on January 9, 2017, Ralf Hahn, head of the Waterpark, said the waterpark will be fully self-sufficient and will operate on solar energy.

Hahn said the project will be powered by the city-owned power company, and solar panels will provide energy for the water park.

The Dubai Waterpark was first announced in April 2018, and has been running ever since.

In the future, the waterparks will have to meet the Dubai World Heritage Status, but they’re already operating at about 90 percent of capacity.

The city plans to turn the water parks into a new city park.

That means the water is being used for municipal purposes, such as for drinking and irrigation.

In addition to the water-based waterpark that is part-owned by the Dubai Authority, the city plans on turning a portion of the water into an urban park.

According the city, the plan is to build two more water parks and will also create a new park for the city of Dubai.

The plan for the Dubai Park is similar to the project that has been building indoor swimming pools in Europe, but in this case the water has to be used for public purposes, and water is not being used as a waste product.