Indoor propylene gas sales engineer says the city has not ‘solved’ indoor propane

Posted March 20, 2019 19:36:00 The indoor propylene-gas sales engineer for the City of Sydney says it’s not “solved” the problem of propane being a pollutant in indoor spaces.

Key points:The City has been in talks with the company about its indoor gas supply for more than a yearIt’s a “long, complex issue” and “a huge investment” for the city’s businesses, chief executive officer of the NSW Department of Environment and Heritage Heather Cairns said.

She said it was “absolutely” important to find a solution, but stressed it would not be “easy”.

“It’s not solved,” she said.

“There’s still a long, complex problem to be solved.”

The city is currently negotiating with the Australian Gas and Energy Company (Aegis) to supply propane for indoor use.

But the company has indicated it would prefer to supply it through its own gas station in the city.

Ms Cairn said while there was a long-term commitment to meet the citys gas demand, the company was also exploring other options.

“We haven’t been able to find the right solution for the residents of the city,” she told ABC News.

“And we’ve been in discussions with the AEGIS company about our indoor gas requirement, and we haven’t come to a solution.”

So it’s a long complex issue, it’s expensive, it takes a long time to solve, and the citizens of the state of NSW don’t want to see it.

“Ms Cawthorne said the department had asked AEGis to “step up” and provide an “end-to-end” solution, “but it’s just a long way off”.”

We’ve asked them to provide us with an end-to end solution that is able to meet our gas demand and meet the community’s expectations,” she added.”

I’m just not sure if we’ll get there in the next 12 months or so.”‘

Solved problem’ is ‘huge’Ms Cawsone said the city had not been able “to find the correct solution” to the problem.”

This is a huge issue that we have to address and we’re not going to be able to solve it until the end of this year,” she continued.”

It just doesn’t make sense.

“Ms Crowther said the problem could be addressed through a “solution that doesn’t involve the public” or “a new system”.”

In a sense, this problem is solved because it’s an issue of supply, it is an issue that’s been addressed by AEGS,” she explained.”

If we can find a system that is efficient and sustainable for our city, and it is cost effective and it works for the community, then we can solve this issue.

“But we don’t know if that’s going to work.”

The solution is still a solution to the issue, so there’s still an issue.

“Ms Bowerman said the gas industry was “very disappointed” that the City had not addressed the problem sooner.”

They’re still going to say, ‘It’s an indoor gas problem’,” she said, “because they’ve got an answer for that.