Toronto is planning to build its own indoor water park with the help of $25 million in federal funds

Toronto, Ont.

— The city of Toronto is moving forward with plans to build a water park at the Ontario Science Centre in the east end of the city that would be part of a $25-million effort to modernize and expand a water-distribution system in the area.

The water park would be constructed on the site of the existing indoor waterparks at the Science Centre and Waterfront Park, which is expected to be demolished in 2019.

The water park is intended to be an indoor water sports arena that would host events for recreational use and the scientific community, and would also be a space for educational outreach.

The city and its partners are currently exploring the possibility of adding a waterpark to the existing outdoor waterparts, which are part of the Science Center and Water Front Park.

They also hope to add an indoor facility at the site where the existing waterpark currently sits.

“This is going to be a truly unique water sports facility that would have an urban component,” said city spokesperson Marc Mayfield in an email.

The new water park, known as the Urban Waterpark, would be a mixed-use, mixed-income space, according to Mayfield.

The Waterfront Pool would be built in the centre of the park and would have a variety of activities for the public and staff.

The goal is to make it a community hub and a venue for learning and connecting to the broader community, said Mayfield, adding that the facility will be connected to the city’s existing water services and infrastructure.

The Urban WaterPark will be an outdoor, indoor facility that will host events like fitness classes, water sports, sports events and concerts.

The facility is expected be finished by the end of 2019.

City officials said the project will be similar to the Waterfront pool at the Water Front Parks in the west end of Toronto.

Mayfield said the water park will be a different structure than the existing pools, but similar to those located at the Toronto Zoo and the Toronto Nature Centre.

Mayfield said a lot of work is still to be done on the waterpark, including determining the location of the new facility, and how to best manage the existing infrastructure.

The Waterfront park is expected at a cost of $2 million, which includes a $500,000 loan from the City of Toronto, and $250,000 from the Toronto Public Library, Mayfield added.

The Urban Waterparks and Waterparters are the two existing indoor facilities at the City’s Science Centre, which were designed to be used as an educational facility for kids of all ages.

They have been vacant since the construction of the Toronto Reference Library in 2002, but have since been redeveloped into several smaller facilities.