Waterpark engineers learn to fix leaks, save lives with an indoor waterpark

Engineers at a South Korean outdoor waterpark have discovered how to fix a leak that could have caused serious health risks to children, a news article reported Wednesday.

A group of engineers led by a senior manager of a construction company was in the process of renovating the park’s indoor water park when a worker found a leak at the waterpark’s entrance, according to the Korea Times.

The worker, who was not named, was taken to hospital, where he was later treated and released, the newspaper said.

The worker was later fired from his job, the paper said.

The workers’ actions could have saved the lives of dozens of children who were at the park, which was being renovated for the first time in five years.

The leak was discovered in the early morning of Jan. 10 and repaired the next day.

It was a small, inconspicuous problem, said Lee Kwang-won, a park manager.

The problem, which occurred on a nearby bridge, was immediately fixed, he added.