‘We need a national gas plan’ – Telrad engineering

Telrad Engineering is the latest major Australian firm to take up the project to create a national energy plan to tackle climate change and improve air quality.

Telrad has been commissioned by the State Government to design a gas grid for Australia’s future and said its work would also be used to help reduce emissions of CO2, methane and nitrogen oxides.

The firm has been working for about three years to develop a gas infrastructure and the final design is expected to be completed in 2021.

Mr Ross said Telrad had been working on its plans for many years.

“We have been working in Australia for more than a decade,” he said.

“Our approach is very similar to the one we have used in other countries, but we have developed a new approach that allows us to have a better idea of the way that we can move from one generation to the next, or to build new generation.”

He said Telras work would help ensure Australia had a reliable and safe gas grid.

“There is a need for an infrastructure for the long-term generation of gas,” Mr Ross explained.

“For example, we have to build a pipeline to transport gas from the south to the north, and we need a pipeline that can handle the carbon emissions that would result from that.”

Mr Ross told News.org.au that the project would involve some of the same technology that has been used in developing renewable energy projects in Europe.

“It’s very similar, in fact, in terms of the technology that’s used, which is the use of photovoltaic panels, solar thermal power stations and wind turbines,” he explained.

Mr Trimble said the project had been in the works for more time than he could remember.

“This is an exciting project to work on,” he concluded.